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Victory Labs making itself known with Hydro Complete and Native Greens

victory labs

Expos are always a great place for new supplement companies to get themselves out there. Victory Labs is a brand doing just that at this year’s Arnold Classic Australia, as it is definitely making itself known this weekend at the Melbourne Convention Center. While it does only have two products on show with Hydro Complete and Native Greens, that is all it needs for now as its big bright yellow booth is getting it more than enough attention.

Two is of course a very small amount of supplements, however Victory Labs isn’t planning on keeping things that way for very long. The brand is apparently looking to release three more products some time soon, with the only details we know being that the three are all powder formulas. Moving forward you can definitely expect to see more of Victory Labs here on Stack3d, especially as we build towrads the reveal of its 3rd, 4th and 5th supplements.