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Victory Labs intra-workout Myst just days away from release

victory labs myst

To round out last week the Australian brand Victory Labs finally unveiled its rumored pre-workout Doom, although before that there was another new supplement we got a preview of. That product was the intra-workout competitor Myst, which had a lot of its details confirmed when it was introduced. Today we have one more to add to that list of details as Myst’s launch has now been announced.

Victory Labs has confirmed that the release of its 2:1:1 BCAA + HMB formula is just around the corner. To be more specific the brand has said Myst “is only days away”, suggesting it is going to be available sometime this week, if not, then definitely next week. Victory Labs doesn’t actually have a store on its own website, so we imagine the “days away” release it’s referring to is either retailer availability or the supplement being available in retailers.

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