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Stock up and save with the 6lb Bio-Active Whey Bundle

bio-active whey

At the moment iSatori’s Bio-Gro infused protein powder Bio-Active Whey only comes in the one 30 serving tub size. It’s been that way since the supplement was launched earlier this year, with most places pricing it at around $30. A larger option would obviously make the protein a little more cost-effective, although since that has yet to happen has now put together its own solution.

The major online retailer has released the Bio-Active Whey Bundle, a combination of three tubs of iSatori’s Bio-Gro protein. All together the bundle costs just $69.99 working out to $23.33 a tub, which is even cheaper than’s current 20% off sale. You do of course also get to pick your flavors for the bundle, with all three Bio-Active Whey options available to choose from.

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