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Promera renames its amino competitor Con-Cret Amino

con-cret amino

Over the past few months we’ve seen Promera renamed a couple of its supplements, with each one being changed to something a little more obvious. The last product we saw updated was Beta-Cret 2.0, which was transformed into Con-Cret Pre. Following on from that the brand has now done the same to another one of its current supplements, this time renaming its amino acid formula Amino-Tren.

After seeing Beta-Cret go to Con-Cret Pre, and Capsi-Blast to Con-Cret Burn, you won’t be overly surprised to hear Promera is changing Amino-Tren to Con-Cret Amino. From what we know the product’s formula is going to remain the same as well as its menu, with the brand keeping both Mandarin and Blue Raspberry. Promera has yet to update the supplement’s listing on its website, although we imagine now that its image has been released that’ll happen soon.

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