Nubreed’s protein powder Myoblast finally ready for release


Almost one year ago you may remember Nubreed Nutrition introduced its protein powder Myoblast, described as an ultra premium protein blend for athletes. For whatever reason that supplement never actually made it out onto shelves, however now the brand is finally getting ready to release it. Today Nubreed has in fact started taking pre-orders for Myoblast direct through its website.

Before we get into how you can secure yourself a tub of the product we will quickly go over the contents of Myoblast. First we have its nutrition information with each serving packing 25g of protein from whey concentrate, milk and whey isolate and micellar casein. You then have 3g of carbohydrates (1g sugar), 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), and a calorie total of 130. Nubreed has also thrown a digestive enzyme blend into the supplement made up of lactase and protease.

As for pre-ordering the Nubreed protein powder, all you need to do is visit the brand’s website at It is there where you can secure yourself a 25 serving, 900g tub of Myoblast for $37.99 in either Chocolate Caramel or Vanilla Bean. If you do decide to get in on the offer make sure it is between now and the end of the month, as Nubreed is doing free shipping for all pre-orders made within that time frame.

Nubreed Myoblast


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