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Myokem’s bigger Pyroxamine squeezes in twice as much


Instead of doing the usual trial option for its weight loss solution Pyroxamine. Myokem’s second size for the supplement is actually a much bigger version with a double size 120 count. Since one capsule is one serving that works out to 120 servings, or 40 days worth on the maximum amount of three a day. At the moment the 120 count only appears to be available at, although that’s definitely not a bad thing especially today.

The reason that’s a good thing today is because is celebrating its 20th birthday and giving everyone an appropriate 20% off everything. That obviously includes Myokem’s double size Pyroxamine that already saves you 12% compared to buying two regular 60 capsule bottles at $69.99. With’s 24 hour coupon “BDAYBASH” that price drops all the way down to $55.99, which is just $28 a bottle.

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