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New Redweiler Shot much more stimulant driven than the powder

redweiler shot

Olimp isn’t a brand we’ve ever posted about before but it is one of the largest here at the 2016 FIBO and certainly deserves our attention. While it does already have a massive line up, which you can see for yourself at It has brought a handful of new supplements to Cologne, one of those few being a shot version of its energy formula Redweiler.

The name of the product is Redweiler Shot, which not only comes in a different form compared to the original but also has a different combination of ingredients. The new supplement is actually a much simpler formula featuring two servings of 3g of beta-alanine, a gram of taurine, 290mg caffeine, 125mg tyrosine and 4.2mg of cayenne pepper. Unlike the powder Redweiler with six flavors, Olimp’s Redweiler Shot comes in just two with Orange Juice and Raging Cola.

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