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Recon adds all three Ambush flavors to Ambush Second Strike

ambush second strike

Yesterday Recon Nutrition announced that it had three new products being unveiled today, which haven’t turned out to be as exciting as we had hoped. We were actually expecting the brand to introduce three entirely new supplements, however what we’ve got is simply three more flavors for its most recent release. Recon has basically given its sequel pre-workout Ambush Second Strike a full menu.

Previously the product was only available in one flavor, the cotton candy recipe Cotton Bomb. Recon has now taken Ambush Second Strike up to a total of four options with the addition of Jungle Juice, Sour Apple and Tropic Thunder. Fans may in fact remember those three as they are all the flavors from the brand’s previous version of Ambush, which should make switching to Second Strike a little easier.

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