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Kai Greene’s Dynamik Muscle officially unveils its protein powder

dynamik prey

Ever since Kai Greene’s Dynamik Muscle launched last year around the Mr. Olympia in September, it hasn’t actually added to its line. It did get a bit of a rebrand a couple of months after it launched as well as a BCAA teaser earlier this year, but that’s about it. News has now come in of the next Kai Greene supplement, and as you can see above this is not a teaser.

Dynamik Prey has officially been unveiled and is looking like it’s more than ready to go. If you’re wondering what kind of product it is, its size does give that away being a 2lb protein powder. As for any other details all we can really make out from the one image released so far is that Dynamik Prey is a whey formula and will have 30 servings per tub.

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