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Ergogenix replacing its 10 month old pre-workout ErgoBlast


Ergogenix fans that shop at the brand’s major retailer, may have noticed that its pre-workout ErgoBlast is currently on sale with a pretty big discount. That is because the supplement is in fact on clearance and discounted all the way down to just $14.99 for a full size 30 serving tub. Usually this does suggest a replacement is on the way which the brand itself has just confirmed is indeed the case.

Ergogenix has basically said that its remaining ErgoBlast stock is being cleared out to make way for an all new pre-workout. Whether that means we’re in for another ErgoBlast or something with an entirely different name, we don’t yet know, however the replacement is said to be available sometime this summer. The biggest surprise here is that the ErgoBlast being cleared out isn’t very old as it was only launched 10 months ago in July of last year.

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