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Ergogenix unveils its five form creatine ErgoCre


Ergogenix fans were recently treated to an all new BCAA supplement called ErgoBCAA. The brand has now confirmed the next product fans are in for which is called ErgoCre. As you might have guessed ErgoCre is Ergogenix’s creatine effort, featuring a fairly straightforward combination of five different forms of creatine.

The five creatines making up Ergogenix upcoming ErgoCre are Creapure creatine monohydrate, anhydrous, gluconate, citrate and creatine pyruvate. The forms have all been wrapped up in single proprietary blend, with the weight of that blend being the traditional 5g per serving. Each tub of ErgoCre also has the usual amount of servings in your typical creatine competitor, packing a total of 60.

In regards to when it will be available, Ergogenix has only said that ErgoCre is coming soon to We do know however that when it does arrive you will have at least three options to choose from in Lemon Lime, Pineapple Mango and a tub without any flavor which we’re assuming is Unflavored.

Ergogenix ErgoCre


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