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Olympus Labs finally releases the label for its capsule Testify

olympus testify capsules

There are always those supplements we tend to get a lot of questions about after they’ve been confirmed whether it be days, weeks or even months later. One of those products is Olympus Labs’ highly anticipated capsule version of its stacked muscle builder Testify. The original powder edition was revealed and released in the first month of this year, and went on to sell incredibly well.

Soon after the powder Testify was launched and sold out, a more convenient capsule edition was confirmed. Today we finally have the official label for that Olympus Labs’ supplement, revealing exactly how different it is from the original. Fans will be pleased to know the brand hasn’t really changed much at all. In total there are eight ingredients in the new Testify, all of which are from the powder. It has obviously dropped a handful of features but as promised held on to all of its heavy hitting ingredients.

You can see the reformulated Testify label down below featuring the exact same doses of everything that’s been carried over, except for the ashwagandha as the supplement now uses the branded KSM-66 version. Fans can also expect to see the product launched very soon, most likely with another one of the brand’s awesome introductory deals. To be one of the first to know when that launch happens Olympus Labs is suggesting you sign up to its newsletter, or stay tuned here as we’ll also be sharing its release when it goes down.

Olympus Labs Testify (capsule version)

olympus testify capsules

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