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iSatori clearing out the original Pre-Gro for as low as $17


If you’re like us and don’t quite like iSatori’s sequel pre-workout Pre-Gro Max, anywhere near as much as we liked the original. The brand has just launched a limited time direct sale that you will want to take advantage of. Basically it is clearing out stock of its year and a half old pre-workout Pre-Gro, despite it actually being better than Pre-Gro Max.

iSatori’s clearance sale obviously discounts Pre-Gro by quite a bit, dropping it all the way down to just $20 for a full size 30 serving tub. If you follow any of the brand’s athletes their exclusive coupons will also work with the sale, for example Thomas Anderson’s “HULKJR” will discount Pre-Gro another 15% to only $17. The clearance sale is a 72 hour promotion so if you want to stock up you have about two and a half days left.

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