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D-Stunner Alpha label to be revealed at the Stack3d Pro

d-stunner alpha

We recently announced that Betancourt Nutrition would be unveiling its resurrected D-Stunner at next week’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. It turns out we’ve been given a bit of a trade off. Basically the product has been unveiled this week instead as you can see above, where we get a first look at the pre-workout revealing its official name in D-Stunner Alpha.

The trade off is that at the Stack3d Pro we will be treating everyone to the label of D-Stunner Alpha. We have yet to get any details on what’s actually on that label, although the supplement has been designed to live up to the D-Stunner name so it is expected to be quite stimulating. For those that haven’t marked it on their calendars yet, the Stack3d Pro is going down in exactly one week’s time with the site you need to bookmark being

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