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Dynamik throws in more than just BCAAs into the upcoming Vindicate

dynamik vindicate

As Dynamik Muscle fans eagerly await the launch of Kai Greene’s amino competitor, the brand has actually released the label for the supplement. Dynamik Vindicate was originally unveiled a week and a half ago alongside the brand’s protein powder Prey, although unlike Prey Vindicate has yet to be made available. As mentioned we do now have its facts panel to help tide everyone over.

All we really knew about Dynamik Vindicate before today was that it featured BCAAs in an unknown dose at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Thanks to the release of its label we can confirm that there are a couple of other things in the product. Firstly the 2:1:1 BCAAs have been included at a dose of 5g per serving. Alongside that is one gram each of carnitine-l-tartrate and glutamine, as well as a bonus blend of vitamins and minerals.

You can check out the complete formula of Dynamik Vindicate down below, and expect to see the supplement launched direct sometime soon. We should also mention that fans of the brand will have two 30 serving tastes to choose from when the product lands with the previously confirmed Mango Smash, and the option pictured above, Kiwi Crush.

Dynamik Vindicate

dynamik vindicate

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