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Kaged Muscle’s C-HCl is finally available in an actual flavor

lemon lime c-hcl

When Kris Gethin launched his Kaged Muscle creatine supplement C-HCl at the beginning of the year he did say it would eventually be available in actual flavors. Fans of the brand will know since the product was released it’s only had two options to choose from, a 75 capsule bottle and a 75 serving Unflavored powder. Five months after those two arrived Kaged has finally launched its first C-HCl flavor.

Joining the supplement’s two original options is a Lemon Lime powder, which like the Unflavored version has 75 servings per tub. Those interested in picking up the new C-HCl can already do so on the official Kaged Muscle website where it’s the exact same price as the capsules and Unflavored powder at $28.97. No store appears to have Lemon Lime C-HCl yet, however we do know it is expected to hit in roughly one to two weeks time.

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