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Olympus Labs will have 50% off everything for the Stack3d Pro

olympus labs

Olympus Labs always manages to put on pretty massive sales whether it be for a special occasion, the launch of an all new supplement, or for no reason at all. Next week at the Stack3d Pro Expo the innovative brand is going to be doing that once again as it has confirmed it will be running a 50% off everything sale, which will include both individual products and supplement stacks.

Examples of products involved in the promotion would be Olympus Labs’ powerhouse testosterone booster Testify at just $34.99, the brand’s competitive pre-workout Conquer Unleashed at $24.49, and the Demigod stack of Endure, Triumph, and Conquer for only $67.49. There will of course be a special coupon code required to get the discount, which you will be able to get as soon as the Stack3d Pro launches next Wednesday.

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