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Performix teases a third new supplement for the Stack3d Pro


If you’ve been following all the Stack3d Pro updates over the past week, you’ll know Performix is going to have one of the more exciting booths at our online expo. The brand has already confirmed that it’ll be unveiling two entirely new supplements at the event, a Sports Performance Series item that’ll enter it into a new category and an ISO 9:2:2 spin-off. As it turns out Performix is in fact going to have a third introduced at the expo, which we have a few details for to share today.

Exactly like the other two products due to be unveiled at the Stack3d Pro, for its third new item Performix has only passed on the one teaser image. It obviously doesn’t give us a name or any bits of information as you can see above, although the layout of the colors in the blurred out picture do confirm quite a bit about the supplement.

The first thing we get from the teaser is that the product is a part of the brand’s Iridium Series. We get that from the fact that it only really has color in the top left corner and bottom right, just like all of the other Iridium items. Based on its shape it would also be good to assume that we’re looking at a powder formula, as its dimensions are a lot more fitting with IONi and ISOi, as opposed to the capsule supplements SSTi and SuperTi.

With those two details in mind, we’re almost 100% certain we’re looking at a powder version of Performix’s Iridium Series SST. The line has had a capsule SST since it launched, however it has yet to be joined by a flavored alternative like in the brand’s Sports Performance line. Fortunately all our questions will be answered very soon, as the Stack3d Pro is due to go online tomorrow at midnight.

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