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Swole O’Clock Goddess Collection unveiled and available for pre-order

swole o clock goddess

We recently posted about Swole O’Clock’s next big release being related in some way to a collection of watches for women. The bodybuilding watch brand has now officially unveiled its “something big”, introducing the Swole O’Clock Goddess Collection which is exactly what we suspected it to be. The latest from the brand is a line of three timepieces, all designed and colored for female fitness enthusiasts.

Being specifically designed for women, the items in Swole O’Clock’s Goddess Collection are obviously a little bit different from its regular watches. As mentioned the line has three colors to choose from with the silver and pink Aphrodite, the all black Athena, and the silver and light blue Hera. The overall design of the Goddess pieces is also slightly smaller compared to the other Swole O’Clock watches, as things like the width of the band is 4mm slimmer and the case diameter (without buttons) is down 5mm.

If you like the sound of any of the pieces they are all now available for pre-order direct from Swole O’Clock’s website. The brand has also made pre-ordering extremely worthwhile as instead of paying the usual price of $149, you can secure yourself a Goddess Swole O’Clock before it arrives for just $99 with shipping due to take place on the 30th of July.

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