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Black Forest Cake takes Machine Whey to an incredible 20 different flavors

black forest cake machine whey

Since the start of the year Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition protein powder has been the supplement we’ve heard most about from the extremely competitive protein category. The brand has almost managed to drop a new flavor every month, with a lot of them being extremely creative efforts. Lobliner and MTS have confirmed that they’re now getting ready to take Machine Whey to another level with news of its 20th flavor.

Joining the product’s already massive list of options which includes unique recipes like the Tim Tam inspired Triple Chocolate Biscuit, and Coconut Chocolate Cookie. Is yet another very different, if not industry first flavor, named Black Forest Cake Machine Whey. As you can see in the title above and expect from a protein called Black Forest Cake, the next Machine Whey is described as a delicious combination of cherry and chocolate.

At the moment Black Forest Cake Machine Whey is not yet available, although fans aren’t going to be waiting long to get their hands on it. The brand has confirmed that its 20th protein flavor is going to be launched in just five days time on August 1st at the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness.