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Olympus Labs gives Europe a DMHA version of Conquer

conquer dmha edition

The European market is packed full of different versions of supplements as well as special editions. We’ve seen a lot of major brands put together spin-offs or entirely different items just for the continent, which is exactly what Olympus Labs has done with its pre-workout Conquer. While the brand’s regular Conquer Unleashed is available in the area, it also now has the very different Conquer DMHA Edition.

As you could tell from the title of the product, Olympus Labs’ European exclusive Conquer DMHA Edition, is a DMHA infused pre-workout. It is however a little different than you’d expect, as it isn’t just DMHA combined with the Conquer we’re familiar with. The alternate Olympus pre-workout is actually an entirely different formula, made of up two proprietary blends, one for pump and performance and the other for energy and focus.

The pump and performance blend is the heaviest of the two proprietaries in Conquer DMHA Edition, weighing in at 7g with two ingredients, beta-alanine and HydroMax glycerol. The energy and focus complex is where you’ll find the title mentioned DMHA, as well as a few other stimulants including eria jarensis and of course caffeine.

You can check out the complete formula behind Olympus Labs’ Conquer DMHA Edition below, in its official facts panel. If you’d like to pick up the supplement, from what we can see there are a fair amount of retailers in Europe stocking the product. One of the larger locations is Supp Shop, which always tends to be on to it when it comes to powerful pre-workouts. The store has priced Conquer DMHA Edition at €34.90 for 20 servings, with a handful of flavors available to choose from.

Olympus Labs Conquer DMHA Edition

conquer dmha edition

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