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ErgoGenix unveils its energy infused spin-off, ErgoBCAA Energy

ergobcaa energy

While ErgoGenix flavored BCAA competitor ErgoBCAA isn’t all that old, as it was just released in April of this year then rebranded early last month. ErgoGenix has already introduced its first spin-off of ErgoBCAA called ErgoBCAA Energy. As you could probably guess, the latest from the brand is an energy infused version of its BCAA formula, although it does have a little more than just your typical extra dose of caffeine.

When it comes to its main ingredients, there is actually very little separating ErgoGenix’s upcoming ErgoBCAA Energy and the original ErgoBCAA. Unlike quite a few energized spin-offs, the brand hasn’t lowered the dose of BCAAs for its latest effort. ErgoBCAA Energy still packs ErgoBCAA’s 5g dose of fermented BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. As for its other features, which are what give the supplement its energizing title. ErgoGenix has thrown in a gram of taurine, half a gram of choline bitartrate, and a 100mg stimulant blend featuring natural caffeine from green tea.

As you can see ErgoGenix has dropped pretty everything you need to know about its new ErgoBCAA Energy today, except for the product itself. The only thing the brand has mentioned about its availability is that it is coming soon to We should also mention that despite being in the same very specific category, ErgoBCAA Energy is not going to replace ErgoGenix’s current energy amino competitor, ErgoAmino+. The brand has confirmed that the two are in fact going to be sold alongside one another.

ErgoGenix ErgoBCAA Energy

ergobcaa energy

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