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Prime packs EXO-13 with a lot more stimulants than just DMAA

prime exo-13

It was just yesterday that we got our first look at Prime Nutrition’s upcoming Platinum Series supplement, the fat burner EXO-13. All we really knew about the product was that it’s a weight loss formula featuring 75mg of the legendary stimulant DMAA, per serving. Only one day later we now have everything you need to know about the supplement, including a pre-order opportunity.

Firstly we’re going to go over the combination of ingredients in Prime EXO-13, which as its inclusion of DMAA suggested, is very stimulant driven. The product is packed with a total of 12 main features, with the majority of that 12 being stimulants. Starting from the top EXO-13 lists 225mg of caffeine, 75mg DMAA, 50mg each of juglans regia, eria jarensis, the branded ingredient Thermo-V, and mucuna pruriens. 30mg each of Noopept and bitter orange, 5mg vinpocetine, 1.25mg yohimbine, 200mcg huperzine A, and 150mcg of 3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine.

As you can see, the supplement is exactly what it says on its label, a “high level fatburner” and “not for beginners”. The caffeine and DMAA alone would have been more than enough to get you going, but with everything else thrown in the mix such as eria jarensis and yohimbine, EXO-13 is guaranteed to pack a serious punch.

Lastly we have a pre-order promotion Prime fans might be interested, which is available through Get Ripped Nutrition. The store has already added EXO-13 to its website at $49.95 for a full size 60 serving bottle. Being a pre-order opportunity the product isn’t going to be sent out immediately, with Get Ripped giving it an approximate shipping date of five days from now on Monday the 1st of August.

Prime EXO-13

prime exo-13

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