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Scitec’s new Protein Ice Cream Light not as light as you’d hope

scitec protein ice cream light

As delicious as Scitec Nutrition’s recently released Protein Ice Cream is, it isn’t as delicious when you look at its nutrition label. While it does have 14g of protein per serving, that also unfortunately comes with 21g of sugar and 11g of fat, which help push its calorie total up to 239. Scitec has now introduced Protein Ice Cream Light, designed specifically for those that don’t appreciate the regular version’s macros.

While the latest from Scitec is a lighter version of the original Protein Ice Cream, we wouldn’t be surprised if it still doesn’t fit with a few people’s diets. The supplement is really only lighter in the sugar department, as each serving does still have 14g of protein and 11g of fat. The one change sees Protein Ice Cream Light go from 21g of sugar all the way down to 5.8, which also knocks its calories down, although only by 23 to 216.

The all-new Scitec Protein Ice Cream Light has been both revealed and released this week, so if you’re in Europe you should be seeing it in stores soon. The product is due to hit shelves in the one size and same two flavors as the regular Protein Ice Cream, with 25 servings tubs of Redberry Mix and Vanilla-Lime.

Scitec Protein Ice Cream Light

scitec protein ice cream light

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