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A little more than just carnitine in Kodiak’s upcoming CarniShred


In prepartion for its official release, Kodiak Nutrition has dropped the label for the fat burning powder it introduced two days ago, CarniShred. As suspected and as its title suggests, CarniShred is a carnitine based weight loss solution although there is a little more to it. In total the supplement features two types of carnitine, which do only make up 40% of its list of main ingredients.

Kodiak’s two CarniShred carnitines are carnitine tartrate dosed at 750mg per serving, and half a gram of carnitine fumarate. The rest of the product’s label is made up of three ingredients with 25mg of Paradoxine aframomum melegueta, 20mg Lean GBB (gamma butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl), and 2.5mg of Capsiatra.

Kodiak CarniShred


For those that missed our CarniShred post earlier in the week, Kodiak is planning on launching its first flavored fat burner some time tomorrow. Like all of the brand’s new releases, CarniShred is going to be introduced direct through its website. We don’t know how much it’s going to cost, however based on all of Kodiak’s other launches the supplement will likely be welcomed with a solid amount of discount.

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