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Nimbus Nutrition kicking off its comeback with Abyss V2

abyss v2

While some supplement companies disappear for months at a time, it’s definitely been a lot longer than that for Nimbus Nutrition. Our last update on the brand was almost two years ago when a category was confirmed for an upcoming product. We’ve recently been in contact with the brand and are pleased to confirm that Nimbus is still very much alive, and making somewhat of a comeback over the next few months.

Nimbus has revealed that it’s going to kick off its return with an all-new version of its flagship sleep aid Abyss. The updated supplement is officially going to be keeping its name as Abyss, not Abyss V2 or anything like that, however it is said to feature enough changes formula wise to call it a 2.0. That one is expected to be released very soon and with a retailer exclusive introductory deal.

After that, Nimbus plans on keeping things moving with a new website, plenty of content for fans, and hopefully more new products to add to its line-up.

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