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Category confirmed for Nimbus Nutrition’s 3rd upcoming supplement

When we last checked in with Nimbus Nutrition, we were talking about number two of the brand’s three upcoming supplements. As promised the product was revealed to be one that would see Nimbus enter an entirely new category, with the joint support formula Mobility. The third and final new supplement the brand have on the way joining Mobility and the reformulated Abyss, is an untitled focus product. Nimbus have confirmed that the last one of the three to be released is currently in beta testing with two highlights on top of focus, mood enhancement and low stimulant energy. According to the brand the yet to be named supplement has been designed to get you through ‘everyday work hours, school, homework, social outings, and so on’. While we do suspect Nimbus will have something special for the focus category, their big difference is going to be cost. One of the major details we got on the joint formula Mobility was that to go with it’s quality, the product was also going to get an awesome price. If that does hold true with the brand’s focus project, we can easily imagine an extremely competitive value much like Nimbus’ current three, which can all be found under $25

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