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RedCon1 reveals its 100% transparent PCT formula Aftermath

redcon1 aftermath

The product details continue to come in today from Aaron Singerman’s exciting new supplement company RedCon1. Following yesterday’s closer look at its stimulant powered fat burner Double Tap, the brand has passed on everything you need to know about its post cycle therapy formula appropriately named Aftermath. This one is of course designed for use during and after a run of any of RedCon1’s three muscle builders, SOMAL-1, SOMAL-4, and SOMAL-NOR.

Aftermath is officially described as an “all-encompassing post-cycle therapy formula”, promising to “recharge your system and have your internal organs performing at optimal levels”. To make sure it follows through on those promises RedCon1 has packed the product with five ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed. The features and doses making up each two-capsule serving of RedCon1 Aftermath are half a gram of mucuna pruriens (20% l-dopa), 250mg n-acetyl cysteine, 100mg ubiquinol, and 25mg each of androst-3 5-dien-7 17-dione and alpha hydroxy laxogenin.

RedCon1 Aftermath

redcon1 aftermath

Like with the rest of RedCon1’s supplements, Aftermath is due to be officially released next week on Thursday the 1st of September. The brand is going to be launching its entire 13 product line-up direct through its website, and with a yet to be revealed, but no doubt strong introductory sale.

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