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RedCon1 squeezes quite a bit into its nighttime competitor Fade Out

redcon1 fade out

Aaron Singerman and RedCon1 continue to drop details on their upcoming line of supplements this week, with the item getting the attention this time around being its nighttime formula RedCon1 Fade Out. If you’ve followed us for a fair amount of time or just taken a look at our top 10 list of recovery products you’ll know we are big fans of nighttime formulas. They’ve always proven to be the best when it comes to actual recovery, so we are of course interested in RedCon1’s competitor more so now that its label has been revealed.

Compared to most of the nighttime supplements out there, RedCon1’s Fade Out is definitely packed. The brand has squeezed quite the list of ingredients into this one, with all the features you look for in a sleep product. Some of the highlights from its label include a gram each of GABA, phenibut, and mucuna pruriens, 5mg of melatonin, and valerian root. You can see Fade Out’s full list of ingredients in its label below, which like all of the brand’s formulas is 100% transparent.

RedCon1 Fade Out

redcon1 fade out

Based on its label it does look like RedCon1 Fade Out should follow through on its promise of optimizing your sleep and making “each minute and hour count”. We obviously can’t be 100% certain on how effective it is with sleep and recovery until we’ve actually tried the supplement, although it definitely looks promising.

Like all of RedCon1’s supplements, Fade Out is expected to be released before September which is sometime over the next couple of weeks. When the product launches it is going to be available in just the one 30 serving size with two tastes on its menu in Black Currant and Orange. Fade Out is going to be introduced direct through the brand’s website where it’s currently listed with a price tag of $49.99 a tub.

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