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RedCon1 drops all of it remaining labels a day out from release


With less than 24 hours until RedCon1’s supplements are all officially released, the brand has dropped the last few pieces to the puzzle. After getting detailed looks at all of its major products including the promising pre-workout Total War, the DMHA and TeaCrine infused fat burner Double Tap, and its packed out sleep aid Fade Out. RedCon1 has now dropped the labels for all of its other supplements.

Two of the most interesting products we finally get up close with are the brand’s amino Breach and its focus formula Mental Trigger. Both are quite complex as suspected, with Breach turning out to be a little more than your typical BCAA competitor. Alongside its traditional 5g dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs, RedCon1 Breach also features a gram each of glycerol, taurine, and coconut water, as well as a small blend of electrolytes.

RedCon1 Breach

redcon1 breach

As for Mental Trigger, RedCon1 has indeed filled it out with a couple of focus favorites and a couple of energizing ingredients. In total the supplement packs seven features with 100mg of hesperidin, 50mg of the extended energy TeaCrine, 35mg mucuna pruriens, 30mg alpha GPC, 20mg Noopept, 5mg BioPerine black pepper, and a solid 250mg of caffeine. We’ve always been big fans of focus formulas or really anything that helps get work done more efficiently. So we’re definitely interested in giving this one a go especially now that we know it has a good looking combination behind it.

RedCon1 Mental Trigger

redcon1 mental trigger

You can check out all of the other RedCon1 supplement labels on its website including the carbohydrate powder Cluster Bomb and the aromatase inhibitor Shield. The brand’s website is also where you’re going to want to go tomorrow when it finally launches its highly anticipated 13 piece supplement line.

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