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Victory Labs unveils its upcoming intra-workout Myst

victory labs myst

Since it was officially launched at this year’s Arnold Australia, Victory Labs has been growing its line relatively quickly. Originally it was a two supplement brand, although over the last few months it has introduced the fat burner Xenevar and hinted at a pre-workout called Doom. This week the Australian brand has unveiled another addition with the intra-workout formula Victory Labs Myst.

We don’t have the label for Myst just yet, however quite a few of its ingredients have been confirmed. Like most intra-workout competitors the product packs an unknown amount of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, as well as HMB, glutamine, and taurine. Each serving of Myst weighs in at 12.4g, which does certainly leave room for a few more features.

Victory Labs hasn’t unfortunately given any day, week, or month for the release of Myst, only saying that it’s coming soon. When it does eventually arrive you can expect to see it on shelves in a total of four different flavors with Banana, Watermelon, Blue, and the extremely creative Caramel Apple.

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