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Beast Sports teases a Black Series version of its creatine Creature

beast creature black

Beast Sports has confirmed that it has a number of new supplements coming down the pipeline. We don’t know exactly how many it has, although we have been given a teaser image for one of them. The teaser features a slightly blacked out tub, which leaves just enough uncovered to confirm its name and that it’s another Beast Black Series product.

Currently the brand has just the one Black Series supplement available, the more intense pre-workout Beast Mode Black launched at the start of this year. That product is soon going to be joined by the mystery formula you can kind of see pictured above, which is Beast Creature Black. For those not familiar with Creature, it is the brand’s rather popular creatine competitor with Creature Black presumably being a more complex or intense version of that, much like Beast Mode and Beast Mode Black.

While today’s teaser image does give us a name and somewhat of a look at the upcoming Beast Creature Black, that is all we have. No doubt we’ll be getting more information soon, especially since as mentioned, the brand is saying it has a few new supplements on the way.

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