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Olympus Labs officially unveils BloodShred Raw Edition


Olympus Labs has officially unveiled and detailed the supplement it named last week, the fat burning formula BloodShred. The brand describes it as a “supercharged fat incincetator”, which is basically a somewhat stimulant driven weight loss solution. All together the product packs eight different ingredients, with just over half of that eight being transparently dosed.

Much like Olympus Labs’ pre-workout competitor, the energy complex is the only non-transparent part of BloodShred. You can see all of the supplement’s features listed below in its official facts panel with a gram of green coffee (50% chlorogenic acids), 400mg sophora japonica, 250mg caffeine. 100mg each of rhodiola and vanillin, and lastly a 306mg energy and focus driven blend of eria jarensis, j. regia, and rauwolfia.

Olympus Labs BloodShred Raw Edition


Olympus Labs’ semi-transparent combination promises a handful of common weight loss effects, all of which are mostly stimulant driven. The flavored fat burner promotes the usual energy and focus, as well as euphoria, appetite suppression, and of course overall weight loss.

Something else you might notice looking at the label for Olympus Labs upcoming BloodShred as well as the product itself in the image above, is that BloodShred is officially called BloodShred Raw Edition. While we don’t yet know the full meaning behind the second half of its name, we do know that there is another version of BloodShred. Fortunately more information is expected to be dropped on that one very soon as like the Raw Edition, the other version is also due to be released this weekend.

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