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Layne Norton’s Carbon Build now available in a half size 2lb tub

carbon build

Last week Layne Norton caught us a bit by surprise when he revealed and released his first new Carbon supplement since he launched his brand roughly one year ago. The all-new supplement is in fact a protein powder, going by the name Carbon Build. It sets itself apart by being a very clean, 100% whey isolate formula, which now comes in two sizes.

If you caught our original post on Carbon Build last week you may remember initially only had the product in the one size. That one size was a relatively large 58 to 62 serving, 4lb tub priced at $63.99. That has now been joined by a second tub option at with a half size 2lb, packing between 29 to 31 servings.

Just like Carbon Build’s larger 4lb, the new 2lb is available in a total of three flavors with Chocolate Milkshake, Salted Caramel, and the lower calorie Vanilla Milkshake. As for its price, the 2lb isn’t obviously as cost-effective as the 4lb, although it is still reasonably priced with listing it at $37.99.