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iSatori previews its very different look on a bottle of Bio-Gro


Tucked away at the back of iSatori’s Olympia Expo booth this year are a few bottles of its flagship formula Bio-Gro that don’t exactly look like they usually do. As you can see in the image above, the reason the Bio-Gros on display look different is because they’ve been rebranded. iSatori has actually dropped its previous red and black theme for an all over dark red design.

The colors aren’t all that’s changed, as the entire layout of information is different as well as the font used for Bio-Gro’s main title. It is also worth mentioning that iSatori’s new look isn’t just for its bio-active formula. The brand has confirmed that Bio-Gro is going to be the first to officially be rebranded, with the rest expected to follow suit at a later date.

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