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Olympus Labs previews its supercharged PCT Kings Blood

olympus labs kings blood

Olympus Labs is one of the many big name supplement companies set to take part in next week’s Stack3d Pro Fall Expo. To help get everyone excited for what it’s going to have on display the brand has released a preview of an entirely new product it plans on releasing at the online event. Like a lot of Olympus Labs’ supplements, this one does have quite the interesting title in Kings Blood.

While the name of the upcoming product doesn’t tell you a whole lot about it, the preview image the brand has passed on does. Olympus Labs Kings Blood is officially described as a “supercharged PCT”, with the more lengthy description being an “ultra premium post cycle therapy specialist, scientifically backed by clinical doses”.

At the moment we can only confirm one ingredient for Kings Blood, although we do have a long list of effects for it. The one feature we know of is KSM-66, promoted as the world’s best form of ashwagandha. As for the long list of effects, the supplement promises to boost testosterone and libido, enhance energy, modulate cortisol, and elevate mood.

As we get closer to the Stack3d Pro Fall which is going down next Monday, don’t be surprised if we see a few more pieces of information on Olympus Labs Kings Blood show up. If not all will be revealed in five days time anyway at our online expo, as mentioned that is when the product is going to be officially released.

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