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Optimum’s UK fans get a gold stainless steel shaker in their 30th birthday box

optimum nutrition

A few weeks ago we posted about Optimum Nutrition’s celebratory, limited edition Gold Standard Complete Pack. It’s essentially a supplement box set put together in celebration of the brand’s 30th year in business. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out be overly great value when we learned its Gold Standard Pre-Workout and BCAA came with a 2lb tub of Gold Standard Whey for a total of $110. A similar kind of pack has now shown up in the UK with a different set of items and pretty good value.

The UK version of Optimum’s celebratory Gold Standard Complete Pack is actually a lot simpler, as it comes with just the one supplement. Instead of getting a Gold Standard Pre-Workout or BCAA, the international box set only includes a tub of Gold Standard Whey, however it is a 5lb tub instead of a 2. Also included in the pack is a gold 30th birthday shaker, which definitely looks a lot better than the one we got as it’s a stainless steel shaker.

optimum nutrition

If the larger Gold Standard Whey and stainless steel shaker weren’t enough, as mentioned the UK box set also appears to be pretty good value or at least at Tropicana it is. The retailer is currently listing the limited edition 30th birthday set for £49, the exact same price as it has on 5lb tubs of Gold Standard Whey. You’re essentially getting the awesome looking gold shaker free, which definitely makes it worth getting if you’re an Optimum fan running low on protein or you just want the shaker and can stock up early.

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