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MTS Giveaway: Five 5lb tubs of Machine Carb 10 up for grabs

machine carb 10

We generally do our best to organize giveaways that we know our readers want to see. Today we have just that with a giveaway of what is actually our go-to carbohydrate, MTS Nutrition’s Machine Carb 10. The supplement is powered by Compound Solutions’ innovative Carb10, a pea sourced ingredient best described as a fast-acting carb with less of an insulin spike compared to all of the other carbs on the market.

For this week’s giveaway we do actually have quite a few prizes up for grabs, with a total of five, 5lb tubs of MTS Nutrition’s Machine Carb 10. You can get yourself in the draw for one of those five, 5lb tubs, by simply completing any or all of the tasks listed in the competition box below. The more tasks you complete the more chances you have of winning.

A lot of the tasks available to complete need to be done just once, however we do have a few that you can come back and complete daily to get you the maximum amount of entries possible. Regardless of what you do to get in the draw, make sure you get it all done before midnight Friday as that is when the competition closes.

Machine Carb 10 Giveaway

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