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Kodiak completely unveils BearFood, its 100% transparent carbohydrate formula

kodiak bearfood

Kodiak Nutrition has now completely unveiled the supplement that it promised last week would be launching tomorrow. The still very new brand’s upcoming product is titled Kodiak BearFood, which is officially described as an “advanced superfood carbohydrate powder”. Much like the rest of the brand’s line-up, BearFood is a 100% transparent formula, evening listing the doses for each and every one of its many carb sources.

Kodiak BearFood does in fact pack a massive total of 12 different carbohydrates, helping it deliver per scoop, 24.5g of carbs (10 sugar), with zero fat and protein, and an even total of 100 calories. As for what those 12 carb sources are, from heaviest to lightest the supplement features sweet potato, dextrose, cane sugar, the six ingredient trademarked ModCarb blend, highly branched cyclic dextrin, and brown rice powder. Kodiak BearFood also includes a five feature carb loading complex made up of gymnema sylvestre leaf, yacon root, banaba leaf, bitter melon, and alpha lipoic acid.

Kodiak BearFood

kodiak bearfood

Kodiak Nutrition is still promoting an October 7th direct release for BearFood, which is of course tomorrow. We don’t yet know its price, however the coupon code “KODIAK” does still work and get you 40% off, so regardless of what it’s released at you should be able to use that and save. As far as options go, the product is going to be available in just the one 60 serving tub size, and in at least taste with the naturally flavored Orange Creme.

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