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Introducing Limited Labs’ Ketone 1, the world’s first ketogenic sports drink

ketone 1

Today we’ve got an industry first supplement to introduce to you, from the Austin-based nutrition company Limited Labs. At the moment the brand has two products, the nootropic formulas Dragon and Phoenix. Neither of those however is the industry first we’re going to be talking about today, as the highlight of this post is Limited Labs’ upcoming Ketone 1.

Limited Labs Ketone 1

ketone 1

What makes Ketone 1 an industry first is that it is the world’s first ketogenic sports drink. The supplement is a fairly simple, but innovative combination of goBHB Ketones, electrolytes, and absolutely no carbohydrates. You may actually recognize goBHB Ketones from a few of the other ketogenic products that have been popping up on the market recently, although in Ketone 1 goBHB is slightly different as it has been transparently dosed at 11g a bottle.

Much like the ketogenic diet itself, Limited Labs is promoting quite the list of benefits for its drinkable Ketone 1. Some of its promises include improved cognition, weight loss, hunger reduction, and of course electrolyte replenishment. You can read more about Ketone 1 on the brand’s Indiegogo page, which is where Limited Labs is now looking for a bit of help.

The brand is currently after backers for its world’s first ketogenic sports drink and is willing to offer an incredible discount on Ketone 1 in return. If you’d like to back Limited Labs’ innovative project, simply head to Indiegogo and check out the packages it has available. For backing Ketone 1, the brand is in fact offering the supplement at below-wholesale prices.

The cheapest package is $25 which will get you 12 bottles of Ketone 1 in your choice of three flavors — Strawberry Lemoande, Cucumber Lime, and Orange Mango — and free Ketone 1 swag. The options go all the way up to $5,000 for 60, 12 bottle cases, free swag, shipping, and an invitation plus accommodation to Limited Labs Ketone 1 launch party. Once again you can check out everything on the brand’s Indiegogo page, with shipping of the product expected to start in January of next year.

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