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Ambrosia completely unveils and details Nektar with pre-ordering also available

ambrosia nektar

After getting a first look at the Ambrosia Collective’s second ever supplement over the weekend, the health formula Ambrosia Nektar is now officially available for pre-order. With the pre-order release has also obviously come the product’s label, which just like the brand’s other supplement Mental Jewels, is 100% transparent. Everything in Nektar has been included to “address the parts of your body that truly matter”.

To help with the optimal function of things like your liver, kidneys, blood pressure, blood sugar, and many other bodily functions, Ambrosia Nektar has been packed with 13 different ingredients. Some of the highlights from the product’s lengthy list are 150mg of AlphaSize alpha GPC, half a gram of hawthorn berry, 350mg milk thistle, and 50mg of CoQ10. Those doses are from a single serving of Nektar, with each tub of the seemingly unflavored supplement containing 30 servings.

Ambrosia Nektar

ambrosia nektar

If you’d like to get in on the pre-order promotion for Ambrosia Nektar, you’ll need to head to the brand’s website, A single tub will cost you $39.99, with as much as 20% discount available for multi-tub purchases. That single tub price is also due to change to $49.99 at the end of this month. Anyone that gets in on the pre-order should receive their Nektar before Christmas, as Ambrosia is hoping to have them all shipped by the 15th of December.

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