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AST says that it has a revolutionary protein powder coming soon

ast protein

Despite being the supplement company that claims to have introduced the world’s first whey protein powder back in 1992. AST Sports Science tends to be fairly quiet when it comes to new releases. In the last two years we’ve only seen three new products from the brand, which is probably the amount the likes of Myprotein has introduced just this month.

While it may not put together new releases all that often, when it does come time for AST to launch something it’s always worth paying attention. The reason we’re saying all this is because the brand has announced, that it does in fact have a new supplement dropping sometime soon. We don’t yet know the name of the item, however AST is making it sound like it’s something we should be excited about.

The brand is describing its upcoming product as a “revolutionary new protein”, and even goes as far as saying it will be a game changer. Usually we would be very doubtful when someone starts throwing around words like “revolutionary” or “game changer”, although since we are talking AST here, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the brand somehow follows through.

We’re not sure what AST has up its sleeve that’s going to change the game of protein, or when it plans on unveiling its “revolutionary” supplement. But definitely stay tuned here at Stack3d, as we will post more information as soon as we get it.

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