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Conquer Unleashed V2 Review: Minor tweaks make it a lot more competitive

olympus labs conquer review

Earlier this year we reviewed Olympus Labs stimulant pre-workout supplement Conquer Unleashed, and found it to be very impressive. The product packed a solid all around experience with energy, focus, pump, and performance. Its energy could have been a little stronger, although even with that downside it was still impressive. A few months later the brand ended up making a few changes that we didn’t expect to do too much, but can now confirm do make the pre-workout a whole lot better.

When Olympus Labs first told us about its reformulated Conquer Unleashed we were quite interested to see the label. We then saw it and noticed that it was exactly the same as the original. The brand did however insist that the supplement had been tweaked and that we really needed to try it to feel the changes it had made. We took Olympus Labs’ advice and have been running Conquer Unleashed 2.0 for the past couple of weeks, and now believe everything the brand said.

Same label, better energy and focus

The pre-workout is basically identical to the previous version which had good focus, average but sustained energy, reliable performance and endurance, and an enjoyable dense and painful type pump. Where things get different in the reformulated Conquer Unleashed is in the energy and focus departments. The two stimulating effects just seem to hit harder and are much more intense.

olympus labs conquer review

It’s kind of difficult to explain how different the experience is, but despite the fact that nothing on the label has changed ingredient or dose wise, it does feel like you’re getting more of Conquer Unleashed’s stimulants. The energy now kicks in then drops down to a step up from the original’s level which still remains within that not overstimulating range. The focus is also a lot more noticeable, giving you an even stronger amount of mental drive from a little after you start your workout right through to half an hour after you finish. The two really end up complimenting one another, creating a very focused, sustained, and powerful mindset and performance.

Conquer Unleashed now a solid competitor

While it may be hard to believe that Olympus Labs’ Conquer Unleashed V2 could be any better at all than the previous version, especially when you look at its identical label. We’re here today to say that it is indeed better, and by a fair amount. The brand simply improved in the area where its predecessor struggled, coming back with a harder hit and a slightly stronger level of energy throughout your workout. As mentioned the focus has also been improved, but only by a small amount which isn’t a problem as the original did already have this department sorted.

The result of Conquer Unleashed’s improvements, is essentially a much more competitive product. If you liked the previous version although ended up switching due to all of the harder hitting formulas out there, you might want to give it another shot. If you haven’t tried it before and like all-in-one type pre-workouts, head on over to where you’ll find both full-size tubs and extremely low priced samples of Conquer Unleashed.

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