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AllMax lowers a few doses for its OD:TECH infused C:VOL Pill

cvol pills

Details have surfaced this week on a new capsule version of AllMax Nutrition’s post-workout recovery supplement, C:VOL. Much like the original powder, the capsule C:VOL squeezes in 30 servings per bottle, however unlike the original its servings aren’t quite as packed. While it does feature the exact same combination of ingredients as the powder, almost every one of the pill version’s doses are different.

We’ll start with the C:VOL pill’s creatine blend, which has the same 1.95g of Creatine Magnapower and 750mg of HCl per serving, but instead of 1.85g of creatine monohydrate and 450mg anhydrous, it has less than 15% of the monohydrate at 250mg and 150mg of anhydrous. Moving on to the product’s Strength & Muscle-Volume Matrix you get the same 1g dose of l-carnitine l-tartrate, although almost 75% less taurine, 600mg of BetaSynth beta-alanine instead of 800, and 60% less betaine.

AllMax C:VOL Pills

cvol pills

Last but not least you have the C:VOL pill’s Creatine Absorption Complex, where unlike the other groups of ingredients, AllMax has kept everything the same. The supplement’s prickly pear remains at 84mg, bitter melon at 41mg, and Cinnulin PF at 30mg.

We’ve added the official, 100% transparent label for AllMax’s new C:VOL pill above, although you can also see it on the brand’s website. There you can also get a full description of the entire product from the brand, including details on the special OD:TECH capsules the supplement uses. According to AllMax the OD-TECH pill “protects CVOL from the damaging, highly-acidic environment of the stomach”, giving the body the ability to absorb as much of the formula possible for maximum effectiveness.

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