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AML unveils its TeaCrine powered focus formula Dopa Rush

dopa rush

Advanced Molecular Labs has been releasing a lot of interesting supplements this year. Instead of taking on some of the more mainstream categories we’ve seen a couple of unique products from it with the likes of Power Rep, and the three ingredient formula Muscle Growth. Details on another interesting AML supplement have now surfaced, introducing the brand’s dopamine maximizer Dopa Rush.

AML’s upcoming Dopa Rush is yet another somewhat straightforward, transparent formula for an uncommon category, which has mainly been designed to help with focus, clarity, and motivation. We don’t yet have the product’s official label, we do however know of what sounds like all of the supplement’s main ingredients.

The largest feature in Dopa Rush is 2g of tyrosine per serving, said to be included to boost exercise and mental performance. The other ingredients we know of in the focus formula are 200mg of caffeine, 125mg of the extended energy feature TeaCrine theacrine, folic acid, 100mg mucuna pruriens (40mg l-dopa), and lastly black pepper extract.

The latest effort from AML is expected to be added to its website sometime soon, where you should be able to get a little more information on Dopa Rush as well as purchase it.