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Dynamik Muscle drops another basic supplement as expected

dynamik creatine

This year, to celebrate the 4th of July, Dynamik Muscle launched two new supplements. Fans were treated to the availability of the brand’s amino competitor Vindicate and its first basic formula, the 60 serving unflavored Glutamine. We mentioned with that release that we wouldn’t be surprised if Glutamine led to more basic products, which is exactly what we’ve got this week from Dynamik.

Following on from the unveiling of its upcoming mass gainer Prey Mass, Kai Greene’s brand has released the simply named Dynamik Creatine. Just like its basic Glutamine from back in July, Dynamik Creatine features a very straightforward formula. The supplement packs only the one ingredient with micronized creatine, dosed at 5g in each of its 60 unflavored servings.

Fans can already grab Dynamik Creatine from the brand’s own website with an introductory 10% off sale. While that deal does take it down to the much better price of $23.39 with the coupon “CREA10”, the product is also now available at and for a lot cheaper. If you head to the online retailer you’ll find it in stock for $15.99, which is just short of 40% cheaper than Dynamik’s website.

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