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Latest Iron Addicts preview confirms the name of CT Fletcher’s fat burner

iron addicts will power

Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting more and more information on CT Fletcher’s upcoming Iron Addicts supplement line. At last count there had been four products unveiled for the brand with the protein powder I Command You To Grow, pre-workout Sidewalk Cracka, pump formula Sleeve Buster, and the amino Goliath. A first look at CT Fletcher’s fifth and final supplement has now been released, introducing the fat burner Iron Addicts Will Power.

For now a preview is unfortunately all we have, which really only confirms the product’s name and that it squeezes in 90 capsules per bottle. The amount of capsules it has isn’t an overly important detail, but it does suggest Iron Addicts Will Power will have a rather larger three-capsule serving, giving it plenty of room to pack in a lot of well-dosed ingredients.

Like the rest of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts line-up, Will Power is due to be released in exactly 13 days time on Friday the 25th of this month. The supplements are all expected to be available through the brand’s own website before anywhere else which is currently occupied by a countdown timer.

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