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Upcoming MTS Insurgent designed to increase total and free testosterone

mts insurgent

Details on Marc Lobliner’s next MTS Nutrition supplement have been dropped this week, however the new product isn’t actually going to released in the usual fashion. The name of the latest innovation from Lobliner is MTS Insurgent, which the brand describes as an “extremely potent libido and testosterone booster”. The reason we’re saying the supplement isn’t going to be released normally is because Insurgent is going to be given away to beta testers first, then made available for everyone else.

Before we get into how you can get on the list to be an MTS Insurgent beta tester, we’ll go over the product’s short and sweet combination of ingredients. To help it deliver on its promises of increasing total and free testosterone, as well as male performance, lean mass, and strength, MTS has packed Insurgent with four transparently dosed ingredients. Those ingredients are a gram of l-carnitine-l-tartrate, half a gram of PrimaVie branded shilajit extract, 300mg spilanthese acmella (10:1), and 200mg of eurycoma longifolia (100:1).

MTS Insurgent

mts insurgent

To be one of the first to get your hands on MTS Insurgent, you need to sign up to MTS Nutrition’s beta tester program. You can do that on its website where you will need to enter in a lot of information including address details, social media accounts, and what some of your favorite products are so MTS can gauge your supplement experience and background.

Once you’ve filled out everything you need to, simply cross your fingers and patiently wait until next week. The brand is going to be selecting just 50 people from its list of beta testers to receive a free bottle of MTS Insurgent. They’ll be picked this Friday then emailed with more information sometime next week. Beta testers will also be required to complete a feedback survey after they’ve finished their bottle of Insurgent.

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