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MyoGenin the official name of AST’s upcoming protein

ast myogenin

AST Sports Science has dropped a much better teaser this week for the supplement it’s promoting as some kind of “revolutionary” protein powder. We don’t really get too much information from the teaser, with two somewhat important details. The first is the size of the product which appears to be 2lbs, and the second is its name which is AST MyoGenin.

Both details are quite interesting, but is the name that has a little more to it. Myogenin is actually the name of a gene also referred to as MYOG, and said to be essential in the development of functional skeletal muscle. As exciting as that all sounds we don’t know how that’s being worked into the upcoming AST MyoGenin protein, or if the brand is just using the name without any connection to its general definition.

For now the size and name is all we have for AST MyoGenin, although based on the frequency of the brand’s teasers we wouldn’t be surprised if we have more vague details very soon.

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