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Betancourt teases a new unique protein for early 2017


Just a few days after completely unveiling its upcoming testosterone booster Androrush, which is due to be released sometime next month. Betancourt has confirmed that it has a second entirely new supplement coming, that’s also going to be launched early next year. The brand is currently keeping the name of the product a mystery, but it’s been more than happy to confirm what kind of formula it is.

The other Betancourt release coming in 2017 is said to be some kind of protein powder or protein based supplement, packaged in what looks to be a 2lb tub. To make things even more interesting the brand is saying the formula it features is unlike anything else on the market. Coincidentally that’s somewhat similar to what AST is saying about its upcoming MyoGenin protein, meaning we’re either in for two exciting new proteins or Betancourt and AST have been working on the same thing.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one, especially since Betancourt is sounding like it’s got something worth being excited about. The fact that it’s decided to keep the name of the product is also quite interesting, especially since it revealed everything about its other upcoming release Androrush.

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